SCOPRO Tactical Board:

Designed to be used with our Numbered Magnet sets.  Boards are 20" x 24", dual sided dry erase Boards. One side has the full field, the other has a half field.  


SCOPRO Tactical Magnet Sets - (Blue/Red)

Designed to help coaches and players see, and set formations for lineups and set pieces. Numbered 1-11 for ease of use and better communication. Designed to work with other SCOPRO merchandise. Magnets are 1 inch in diameter each.  Magnets stick to any metal clipboard and/or white board with metal in it. Get 2 sets to show the opponent. 


SCOPRO Carrying Case: 

The carrying case is desinged to hold your board, magnets and notepads.    


Retail: $100

SCOPRO "Tactical Bundle" (Green/Red)

SKU: 0006
  • 1 SCOPRO Tactical Board

    2 SCOPRO Tactical Magnet set - Blue and Red

    1 SCOPRO Carrying Case

  • Returns accepted within 30 days on faulty products only


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